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Fixing America To Be #1 is my upcoming book. Comparing America, Europe and Israel in health and safety.
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What's funny?

A logical solution which is not practical. Laughter is the social reward. Humor is priority 1 to 3 in a man as an indication for success in life.

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A limited number of scholars in the world were born speaking the original Bible language, speak English and understand the secrets of the Bible, prayer and God. Praying often in Jerusalem.
Bible Bliss

Healthy Longevity

Our body can cure itself once it’s in balance. It holds innate self repair mechanisms (scientifically proven). The mind can activate the "body's endo pharmacy" and cure better than bad drugs.

We scan hundreds of researches to bring you the one you should follow.

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Happiness? Let's find out what makes you happy. Success? You need to have an edge to be better than the rest. Your attitude, as well as faith, must be winners.

Love & Relationships

I designed a Pre-Marriage Challenge to argue, fight and separate. If I'm unsuccessful, the couple will have a successful marriage.
The Challenge


Funerals can give us some of the most sobering moments of our lives, the purpose, meaning, and brevity of human existence coming out of the shadows and drawing into sharp focus. It’s only then, for a brief open-casket viewing, that we see our frailty and that our...

God Created Us With 2 Ears and 1 Mouth

I created a simple video to teach…. MAINLY MYSELF in the hope that I would let others also talk. I find it funny when businessmen I talk to often tell me: “sorry to cut you off but…”. I answer them: “I’m Jewish, born in Israel. If you will not cut me off, you’ll never...

Women expect honesty in the relationship

Emotions or honestly? Should a spouse be honest or care about your emotions? Anna Juravin, my wife, tells me that emotions are more important than honesty unless…. it’s a matter of HEALTH or OUR FUTURE And so, if I walk toward the refrigerator, she will ask me in a...

Maternal Mortality Comparison: USA vs. Israel Vs. Europe

Maternal Mortality Death per 100,000 births | lower is better | 2018   World Best Best rate USA ISRAEL Euro-top Germany France Italy Finland, Greece, Iceland, Poland 3.00 14.00 5.00 6.00 6.00 8.00 4.00 World Best Best rate USA ISRAEL Euro-top Germany France Italy...

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