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Don Juravin
Don Juravin2019/06/13 at 6:46pm

Pay attention

Don Juravin
Don Juravin2019/05/26 at 11:01am

Thanks for following me Don Juravin

Don Juravin
Don Juravin2019/05/22 at 5:11pm

Do you think we need more quality interpersonal time?
Tell me what would like like to change in your family interaction? anything... What memories do you have of good quality time together? Friends or family.

Don Juravin
Don Juravin2019/05/22 at 5:07pm

What are you missing about your past?
Sharing good memories brings good spiritual feelings.

Don Juravin
Don Juravin2019/05/22 at 5:03pm

Tell me about your marriage... I have helped thousands.

Don Juravin
Don Juravin2019/05/21 at 4:54pm

Welcome summer

Healthy alternatives to #soda #sugarydrinks or boring water. Add mint leaves and lemon. You may add some sugar but avoid #sweeteners which my #research shows are bad for your health. You will...

2019/06/14 at 6:29pm
Powerful HAPPINESS Prayer by HOLY LAND MAN from Jerusalem - Unlike any Bible translation ever, these are the most original to the source of God -
2019/06/13 at 3:44pm
CNN: Changing your meat-eating habits could mean a longer life, study suggests.

via @GoogleNews
2019/06/11 at 3:17pm
We, Americans, are good with improvising. When you must do your shopping and the little ones want to sleep you choose #SamsClub or #Costco and you pad the cart comfortably: mattress, pillow, and blanket. DonJuravin photo
2019/06/10 at 9:13am
DonJuravin photo
2019/05/31 at 8:21am
Why not the US first? Democracy goes with an open mind and accommodating the will of the people, not forcing the majority. "Egypt becomes the world’s first country to adopt UNDP’s ‘Gender Equality Seal’"
DonJuravin photo
2019/05/31 at 6:41am
#AMERICA... #Florida... only one single worker. He's circled by a supervisor, security, traffic controller, second worker on a break, a helper just watching and... one that scratches his balls.
Ask who is paying for this: ME.... and you. #INEFFICIENT
DonJuravin photo
2019/05/18 at 8:17am
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