Juice manufacturers in the food and drink industry list the nutrients of natural orange juice at the time of packaging, per the FDA. Based on the nutrition facts label, the consumer expects to have benefited from all the claimed nutrients until it’s expired. JURAVIN RESEARCH found that while no one is lying, per se,  the label tricks the consumer. What fresh OJ manufacturers don’t tell you is that once you open the container, Vitamin C immediately oxidizes and vanishes.


Your body gains 10 tsp of sugar and 1 oz of fat.

How is the consumer being tricked when buying orange juice marked “natural” or “fresh”?

  1. Vitamin C vanishes to zero (100% of the 65 mg vitamin C vanishes).
  2. OJ’s levels of sugar are similar to a soda.
  3. OJ must be pasteurized for longer shelf-life which destroys the nutrients in the process.
  4. 16 oz fresh OJ has 223 calories while Coke has 186 calories.
  5. Concentrated OJ has more Vitamin C than the expensive, fresh or natural OJ.
  6. A tall glass of OJ has about 10 tsp of sugar and will add 1 oz of fat to your body.  


Natural orange juice costs 2 to 3 times more than orange flavored drinks. Soft drink companies offer a natural OJ taste and even add artificial pulp to spare consumers from the calories and help them save money. Moreover, such flavored orange drinks are healthier than those claimed to be “fresh” or “natural” (which are NOT and will be discussed in JURAVIN RESEARCH other studies).

Moreover, Don Karl Juravin reviewed and found that added ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) to a diet orange drink benefits more than the natural, vanishing Vitamin C. Drink manufacturers can offer these health benefits, but as long as consumers continue to pay double or triple for “fresh” juice, why should they?

The Vitamin C Deception

We found evidence of decreasing Vitamin C levels from bottling to the moment of the consumer’s first sip; by the expiration date, the Vitamin C has completely vanished. What fresh orange juice manufacturers don’t tell you is that once you open the container, Vitamin C immediately oxidizes and vanishes. This means that the Vitamin C on the label has no more value.

The clinical trial compared the REAL available Vitamin C content of reconstituted (concentrated) frozen orange juice at preparation vs. “freshly squeezed” orange juices. The lab bought orange juice from local retailers and stored at optimal refrigeration. They analyzed the juices for reduced and oxidized Vitamin C content at the time of purchase. The lab re-analyzed 3 times per week for 4 to 5 weeks.

Our research found that many claim The Recommended Daily Dose of Vitamin C to be 60 mg a day while doctors advise a much higher volume.  Natural orange juice labels’ claims are for 100% RDA of Vitamin C in every glass.

Don Karl Juravin

Don Karl Juravin loves helping people. He’s an activist and peacemaker. Born in the Holy Land and studied the Bible 12 years in Hebrew. HOLY LAND MAN has Bible secrets for HEALTH, HAPPINESS, LOVE, SUCCESS. His invention saved thousands from surgery.

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