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Don Karl Juravin is an activist | fights for justice | protects | Bible secrets for HEALTH, HAPPINESS, LOVE, SUCCESS | Inventor | American patriot from Florida | Peacemaker | JURAVIN RESEARCH covering 230 countries


World research comparison of 230 countries in health, safety and quality of life. FACTS + OPINIONS. Which country is the healthiest? safest? happiest? advanced? richest average citizen?
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What’s funny? A logical solution which is not a practical one. Laughter is a social reward. Humor is a top priority for women in choosing a mate. Funny indicated social intelligence.
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Limited number of world scholars were born speaking the original Bible language and also English + can understand the secrets of the Bible, prayers and God.
Bible secrets

Healthy Longevity

Our body is capable of curing itself when in a healthy balance. It holds innate self-repair mechanisms (scientifically proven). The mind can activate the body’s “endo pharmacy” and avoid bad drugs. JUST FEED THE DODY RIGHT. We scan hundreds of researches to bring you the one you should follow.

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Happiness? Let's find out what makes you happy. Success? You need to have an edge to be better than the rest. Your attitude, as well as faith, must be winners.

LOVE & Relationships

I designed a Pre-Marriage Challenge to argue, fight and separate. If I'm unsuccessful, the couple will have a successful marriage.


Author: Don Karl Juravin (HOLY LAND MAN) from JURAVIN RESEARCH Islam is perceived by the world as a religion of jihad, or terrorism while in reality the Quran, the basis for all Islam, preaches for peace and the dignity of women, as well as men. JURAVIN RESEARCH...


Funerals can give us some of the most sobering moments of our lives, the purpose, meaning, and brevity of human existence coming out of the shadows and drawing into sharp focus. It’s only then, for a brief open-casket viewing, that we see our frailty and that our...

God Created Us With 2 Ears and 1 Mouth

I created a simple video to teach…. MAINLY MYSELF in the hope that I would let others also talk. I find it funny when businessmen I talk to often tell me: “sorry to cut you off but…”. I answer them: “I’m Jewish, born in Israel. If you will not cut me off, you’ll never...



Don Karl Juravin loves helping people. He’s an activist and peacemaker. Born in the Holy Land and studied the Bible 12 years in Hebrew. HOLY LAND MAN has Bible secrets for HEALTH, HAPPINESS, LOVE, SUCCESS. Don Juravin is an activist for justice! His invention saved thousands from surgery.


Research covering 230 countries. JURAVIN’s in-depth research comparison of health and safety around the world such as maternal mortality, drug, and alcohol use rates, car accidents research, adolescence birth, etc. DOn Juravin is the author of the upcoming book: “Fixing America to be #1”


Juravin defines what’s “funny” is and explains why humor is so attractive to women in the relationship. Laughing is a science and much more than just “good time”.  Humor is an art that can change your current health and future path.


Don Karl Juravin protects homeowners against Bella Collina abusive management. Bella Collina Florida is a ghost town located 40 to 60 min away from Orlando. It has 17 years history of bad luck. Bella Collina homes and lots lost 500 million Dollars to homeowners. Actually, 500 to 700 families that invested in Bella Collina LOST ALL THEIR MONEY and more.

Don Juravin helps homeowners to know the FACTS ABOUT BELLA COLLINA. I believe Bella Collina is JINXED with BAD LUCK. Therefore, I WOULD NOT GET MARRIED in Bella Collina.

I got guidelines from Mr. Juravin, about how to bring balance to life. I have improved in understanding my priorities and everything is turning to awesome around me. Don Juravin wins hearts with his care and professionalism

Amelia Allen


2019/07/22 at 3:19pm
This is weed growing in my backyard. Apearantly, it's very healthy. Actually, super healthy like broccoli. Use Google Lens to identify healthy weed in your back yard. DonJuravin photo
2019/07/21 at 5:34pm
You should feel good and be happy most of the time because you are meant to have an amazing life. It is the whole reason you are here. You will see signs all around you it's your life is good and can be even better. DonJuravin photo
2019/07/21 at 1:37pm
Before you waste your money either buying it or investing in it
2019/07/17 at 3:57am
It's all in your attitude. When you treat a vicious "entity" with love, it can turn to be a friend (a pet in this case). I believe that was Jesus's message to us. thanks @HOLY_LAND_MAN


Don Juravin
Don Juravin2019/07/17 at 7:14am

It's all in your attitude. When you treat a vicious "entity" with love, it can turn to be a friend (a pet in this case). I believe that was Jesus's message to us.

Don Juravin
Don Juravin
Don Juravin2019/07/16 at 11:20pm

Margarita cake, vanilla bean lime cake with tequila agave glaze, frosted in Cointreau lime buttercream, lightly topped with flaky salt

Don Juravin
Don Juravin2019/07/16 at 10:49pm

America. The freedom to express yourself.

Don Juravin
Don Juravin2019/07/07 at 11:27pm

I was there. It was AMAZING. We have an AMAZING country.

Don Juravin
Don Juravin
Don Juravin2019/07/07 at 4:41pm

Our wonderful powerful American Women.

U.S. women's soccer team win 2019 World Cup over the Netherlands in 2-0 final

U.S. Wins Record Fourth World Cup Title

Don Juravin
Don Juravin2019/07/06 at 8:49pm

Best friends since childhood.
The lucky ones have such a friend.


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