God Created Us With 2 Ears and 1 Mouth

by | Last updated Apr 11, 2019 | HOLY LAND MAN

I created a simple video to teach…. MAINLY MYSELF in the hope that I would let others also talk.

I find it funny when businessmen I talk to often tell me: “sorry to cut you off but…”. I answer them: “I’m Jewish, born in Israel. If you will not cut me off, you’ll never have a chance to talk.”

In many Mediterranean cultures, two can talk and listen at the same time.

Don Karl Juravin

Don Karl Juravin loves helping people. He’s an activist and peacemaker. Born in the Holy Land and studied the Bible 12 years in Hebrew. HOLY LAND MAN has Bible secrets for HEALTH, HAPPINESS, LOVE, SUCCESS. His invention saved thousands from surgery.

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