Women expect honesty in the relationship

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Emotions or honestly? Should a spouse be honest or care about your emotions? Anna Juravin, my wife, tells me that emotions are more important than honesty unless…. it’s a matter of HEALTH or OUR FUTURE

And so, if I walk toward the refrigerator, she will ask me in a firm voice “WHAT’S UP CHUBBY?”….


That’s when she’s nice to me. Otherwise, she will rush to the refrigerator and place her hand on the door (before I get to open it) and tell me: “go to the bedroom mirror and take your shirt off. Look at yourself and come back. I’ll prepare for you anything you want to eat.”

It only takes me 3 seconds to visualize what I will see in the mirror and so I tell her: “lost my appetite. No need. Thanks.

We’re from Europe and that’s REAL LOVE.

Here, in America, love is defined differently. A couple will lie (not always… but often) to each other and say: “I love you no matter what. I love YOU regardless of your weight”. Such statements are the opposite of love and I consider them a “lie” because one day, the spouse realizes that you have become fat and ugly and he/she doesn’t desire you as much. Then, the arguments and fights begin on various subjects and for any reason avoiding the fact that the attraction is GONE. Why? Because he/she allowed you to become FAT.

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