Mission Statement

code2GOD is a 501(c)3 public charity with mission-focused charitable, scientific & educational programs and studies designed to conduct non-religious research in deciphering the original Bible in Biblical Hebrew using gematria and sophisticated computer methodology to determine if the Bible, both the Jewish and the Christian ones, are merely human stories or
a divine code of-for life. If so, can we learn to love GOD without any religion but by simply having a higher spiritual human connection.

Nonprofit 501(c)(3) EIN 85-0596077

Loving GOD Without Religion

In a survey conducted in Jan 2021, 22.2% of the US adult population stated that they believe in the existence of GOD but not in religion.

HOLY LAND MAN deciphers the original Bible from its Biblical Hebrew language in a scientific non-religious way resulting in an understanding of GOD without religious self-interest interpretation. This code is used to better our life on earth.

Bible As Scientific Code2GOD

For 22.2% of Americans and for us, GOD does not have a religious connotation. We view GOD as the source of our being. We scientifically deciphering the original Hebrew Bible as the source & code to our world so we better our lives. Understanding GOD in a non-religious way.

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Our upcoming services will include: